Time to Sell Yourself Girl!

Set up my profile….should be easy right??? Ok well let’s come up with a username…needs to be catchy, descriptive, but still anonymous. Also need pictures.  After looking at other profiles, I am learning people are really into selfies…DAMN!  I hate selfies…always feel I look like a total douche.  So I scour through my pictures that are pretty current that I can easily crop, because of course the rare photos I am in are with my kiddos.  After I get my pictures, I need to actually write my profile…all about me….in a sense “sell” myself!   This is SOOO hard.  Don’t want to come off as braggy, long winded, boring, etc.  Do I mention my kids or no? I don’t want to say too much about myself, but enough so they are interested.  After many hours of deliberating whether I really should do this I figure what do I have to lose.  Hey….I am single and ready to mingle…let’s do this!  I hit submit and now I wait for my profile to be approved. After I hit that return key, I have an overwhelming sense of dread come over me.  Am I really ready to open my heart again?


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