What were they thinking????

After my profile was approved, I was able to start searching.   The anticipation was almost unbearable….I couldn’t wait to start searching for my Mr Right…how would I choose from so many eligible bachelors right??? Boy was I wrong!   I was hit like a mack truck with hundreds of God awful profiles.  Is this it…seriously…was I being punk’d?   Where are all the hot, buff, successful men?   I spent so much time on my profile pondering over what to say, which photos to use, trying to be fun and flirty and real.  It seemed like most of these guys could care less about their profiles.  I mean were they hammered when they created their profile, is this a joke to them, are they crazy?  The first thing you see on these sites is the profile picture.  Pretty much right off the bat it’s a “yes” or “no” from their pictures.  Then if you are attracted physically, you click on their profile and read about them. I was floored by the number of ridiculous profile pictures…we aren’t even talking content yet. As I scrolled through all these profiles I sat there shaking my head thinking…”what were these guys thinking”?


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