Hey Girlfriends,

This blog is solely about the dating world after divorce.  No advice here ladies!  I will share my experiences of being thrown back into the dating world 2015.  My hope is to make you belly laugh out loud, occasionally bring a tear to your eye and show you there is hope, humor and fun to be had for all us single girls out there.

I found myself single after being married a very, very long time and frankly, anticipating a dating scene that I quickly discovered no longer existed.  The harsh realization that my memories of being 20 something, carefree and hooking up with guys at bars, parties or at work were long gone.  I was thrown into 21st century style dating.  Meeting men online? Whaat?  I had no idea what to do. I was overwhelmed and kinda scared. After I mulled over the idea of window shopping for a boyfriend online all I all wanted to do was jump in bed, pull the covers over my head, cry and then hang with my rabbit-HA!

Not only had I lost my “A” game (did I ever really have one?), I was starting over.  Back when I was dating I didn’t have a cell phone so texting, checking your matches on Match, swiping to the right on Tinder, answering compatibility questions on E-Harmony – these instant, virtual means of connecting and meeting people were foreign and felt lame.  This old bittie felt out dated!


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